Salad Cutter Bowl

Salad Cutter Bowl

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*Make salad only 60 seconds,fast and easy
*Safe cutting your fruit & vegetable,no need to worry about hurting your fingers
*Put ingredients into the bowl,chop ingredients evenly,you could enjoy a balanced nutrition

Step as follows
Step 1: Put the ingredients into the bowl and wash to clean,make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl.
Step 2: Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover fix well with the base.
Step 3: Cut the ingredients in the card slot into small pieces to make salad.
Step 4: Rotate 90 degrees of the upper cover and fix again with the base.
Step 5: Cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller.
Step 6: Done the making.Enjoy your delicious salad !



Package Included
1*Salad cutter bowl